Franchise Opportunities in South Africa

Most of us work hard, usually putting in more hours than called for. But who gets the benefit of this effort? If you work for others, the real financial reward is theirs. How can you change that? How can you make extra effort pay the reward to you? You can do it if you become your own boss! If you own your own business!
Franchising is a two-way street. One hand helps the other. You need the franchisor for guidance and direction, and the franchisor needs you in order to develop a successful franchise system.

Why franchise opportunities in South Africa?

An idea goes nowhere by itself. Someone must give it a try - put it into action. Someone must take the idea - and take a chance - risk failure, in order to turn the idea into a profitable venture.

Then, after the idea has proven itself, and shown that it can turn a profit, year after year, we say the business is successful. The idea has become reality.
If the business can be duplicated, if someone else can be shown how it was done, and can be helped through the rough beginnings, assisted in continued planning and growth, we can then say it is a business that can be franchised. We then have something that can be offered to you as a way to overcome the natural caution of starting something new.

This, in essence, is what franchising is all about. Letting you take advantage of the risks already taken by others in developing a successful business. Letting you use that experience and knowledge to develop your own share of the entrepreneurial dream!

This is why 97% of all franchises succeed. Because a franchisee walks a road of freedom and independence - but does not walk alone. The franchisor is there to help during every step along the way. A franchisor is someone who wants you to succeed. That wants to help you fulfil your dream!

Why The Firm ® franchise?

Let's say you agree that franchising is the best way to build a profitable business - a business that lets you be your own boss. Why should you select the Firm® as the one for you?

The Firm® has found a unique market, and has carved out a viable and successful part of that market. The Firm® was established in 1994. It was believed then, and has since proven, there is a permanent and renewable market for real effective and reliable weight loss that will support a long-term and profitable business venture.

The first Firm Clinic opened its doors for business in Durban North. The business grew from that small beginning to one that has consistently achieved high profits. The Firm has expanded from the first Durban North  operation to a current figure of 34 clinics across South Africa.
Now, based on that success, the Firm® is ready to expand its horizons further through franchising. To increase its profits by helping others to achieve a similar dream.
In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for a few people who yearn to rise above the many - those few who really want to control their own futures.

You can be a part of this great expansion!

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