Success stories


43kgs 183cms 12months

Within the 1st month I lost 10kg which then entitled me to a free month.  After that there was

no turning back.   As the kilograms and centimetres melted away I was more determined to

succeed and despite some very difficult days, I persevered  and my efforts certainly paid off.


“It is not the weight you lose but the life you gain”!



20.5kgs 120cms 5.5mnths

My obsession with Selfies and seeing the final product was what motivated me to join the Firm.   I was tired of constantly trying to find an acceptable”selfie” that did not show my double chins and muffin top, even black and white did not look any better.   I knew my weight gain had to be addressed.

I signed up at The Firm  and reached my goal in 5 and a half months.

I now am proud to take fullbody shots in fitting clothes.

Losing weight is hard but “being” overweight is even harder.  So I chose which Hard was easier.  Eating well is a form of self respect and I now have great respect for both my body and my mind.

Thank you to the Firm. They guided me in my struggle and  provided encouragement and helped me focus enabling me to achieve this life changing result.



Yolandie (Wife)

Firm a Body Challenge November 2017 - Joint runner up

16.3kgs 86cms

I now can walk without pain, pick up my kids and actually play with them without being constantly out of breath.  I can also now be in skinny peoples company without feeling like I stand out like fat sore thumb.

I began to see that I have the ability to steer my life in the right direction.  Thinner and healthier.

The firm helped me achieve all this with their constant support and guidance while trying to follow the Eating plan, and I will continue to maintain this new healthy lifestyle.




Edmund (Husband)

Firm a Body Challenge November 2017 - Joint runner up

22.5kgs 88cms

I now sleep like a baby.  I walk 2.5 kms every day to fetch our children from school.

I cannot even imagine my lazy life like it was before I lost weight.  Everything in our family now comes down to health and wellbeing, which is a result of our awesome experience at The Firm.