Success stories



16.8Kgs 169Cms 9Months

When my blood pressure reached 204/104 I knew something had to done about my weight.  I joined the Firm and with their support, encouragement and advice I followed the eating plan and adapted my lifestyle accordingly.

The overall transformation of my body is incredible. I have gone from size 42 to 36 and my blood pressure is now 116/58. My BMI has dropped from 38.9 to 31.6.  My clothes hang on me like sacks and it is the most wonderful feeling when your clothes dont fit for the right reasons and everyone compliments you on how you are disappearing.

Thank you so much ….Im loving life




29.7kgs 199cms 11mnths

I was  inspired by my friend who had lost a lot of weight and won a previous challenge.

When I joined the Firm my goal was to weigh 70kgs.  I now weigh 68.10 and am so proud of myself, but could not have done it without the support and help I received from the Firm.  I lost a total of 29.7 kgs.  Thank you ladies.

I love the motivation, sharing of ideas, encouragement and the caring, positive attitude of the staff I met with at the clinic I attended.

Be dedicated, positive and committed and with their help you will reach your goal.


Firm A Body Challenge November 2016 Winner

-31,8kgs -222cms 6mnths

Being overweight was effecting every aspect of my life. I stopped attending family functions and became very unsociable.  I found myself buying bigger and bigger clothes to try and hide my size.  My self esteem was at rock bottom.  My husband and I met by complete chance a man who had lost a lot of weight at The Firm and that encounter motivated me to join their Programme.

I encountered many challenges in my weight loss journey but with the help and support I received from The Firm I managed to lose a significant amount of weight.

Today when I look in the mirror I see a happy,confident and self assured woman.





Firm A Body Challenge November 2016 Runner-up

-36.4kgs -114cms 8mnths

From as long as I remember I’ve battled to lose weight, trying different diets and hitting the gym with not much results to show, but ever since I’ve joined the Firm weight loss has been a cinch. Though I was sceptical at first about losing the weight using their methods,  as week by week went by starting from week 1 the results did show me that this really works!

This experience has been such a positive lifestyle change, that I’m really happy with and I would like to thank the Firm for making my dream of losing weight a reality.