Success stories




Hi I am Mason and for as long as I can remember I had weight issues. I had several attempts at weight loss using many quick fix methods only to put it all back on again.  I was very depressed and feeling very sorry for myself.

I did a lot of research and really was impressed by what I read about the Firm.  I made a decision to join and never looked back.  They gave me a free trial session on what I call their magic machine and I was hooked.

I embarked on my weight loss journey in Jan 2014 and it was the best decision of my life.  By August I had lost 30.9 kgs.  They entered me into their competition they run every three months and the cherry on top was winning the R10 000 prize which I used to buy myself a whole new thin wardrobe.  I have a new outlook on life thanks to the Firm.


25.7kgs 159cms 8mnths

I have always struggled with my weight and reaching my suggested goal weight was a big dream.

I needed to lose at least 25 kgs and was so negative but joined the Firm full of hope.  I battled with the required water intake and never having dieted in my life struggled with the eating plan in the beginning.  It was so foreign to me.  I tried very hard and stuck to the diet as close as possible and attended my sessions at the clinic regularly and it was not long before I started noticing my clothes getting looser as the weight came off.   My son was so proud of me and told me I looked beautiful and this really inspired me.

I have gained so much confidence and look so much younger – a big THANK YOU to the Firm.  I could never have done this on my own without the support,friendship and motivation I received.



59.6kgs 350cms 16mnths

It has not been easy.  I remembered the day I received the eating plan, I texted my friend and said they have another thing coming if they think I am going to stick to this thing.   He replied ” you have another thing coming if you think you are going to achieve your goal without it”  I thought “TRAITOR” but in a way this made me determined to prove him wrong.    I got used to the diet with a lot of help and encouragement from the Staff at the clinic.    My life has changed thanks to the Firm.



17kgs 135cms 6mnths

Wow First ever winner of the challenge.  My journey started when one morning I looked in the mirror and did not recognise the person looking back at me.  Who was this fat stranger.  Where and when did the weight come from.

What had happened? – simple – Life had happened.   I made a decision there and then to join the Firm.  I was very sceptical at first but thought “what do I have to lose?” (except about 18 kgs)   It was not easy as the Firm is not magic, weight loss requires a committment and determination.  I always tell myself I am not on a diet but proactively changing my life for the better.  My journey with the Firm has been wonderful and I could not have achieved these results without them.  My husband loves the healthier happier me and says “a happy wife makes for a happy life”