The Firm as
a franchise

The Firm was established in Durban North in 1994, realising the market potential for a company that provides effective and reliable weight loss solutions.

Since our inception, we have grown into a profitable business venture with many successful clinic franchises operating across South Africa.

We are now looking to expand our franchise network and help others achieve their dreams. But, we can’t do this alone, that’s why we need YOU to help us!

Franchise opportunities

How franchises work

A franchise is a business idea that can be successfully duplicated and expanded into other locations or markets by teaching other individuals how the business works. Franchising offers a relatively safe manner for entrepreneurs to develop their dreams as they are backed by an established brand with a strong support system.

In a franchise, the franchisor provides the Franchisee with guidance and direction. In turn, the Franchisor relies on the franchisee to uphold and develop the franchise to create brand recognition and growth.

Who is suitable to be a franchisee?

The people that are best suited as a franchisee are hard-working individuals who want to be their own boss. They should be driven individuals who are looking for a new challenge. They must believe in what The Firm stands for and willing to take the risk that comes with starting their own business.

Successful clinics are owner run businesses, where the franchisee is in their clinic, building a relationship with their clients as they mentor them through the weight loss program, ensuring exceptional results by their clients. They must also be committed to marketing their franchise in and around their franchise territory.

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opportunities in
South Africa

There is opportunity for The Firm to continue franchising in South Africa as, according to the SA Health and Demographic Study, the average life expectancy has dropped to 60 due to the increase in obesity. A 2013/4 World Health Organisation (WHO) report reiterates that obesity is one of the largest nutrition-related problems in South Africa. More than 72% of women over 35 and more than 50% of men between 45 and 65 are overweight or obese. In the youth, 38% of women and 13% of men between 15 - 24 are also overweight or obese.*

*As measured by BMI> 25. Bradshaw D, Steyn K, Levitt N, and Nojilana B. 2011. Non-Communicable Diseases – A race against time.

  • The Firm is a member of the Franchise Association of South Africa.