Success stories

SERENA – September 2023 R5000 winner

23.8Kgs 229Cms 7Months

I have been overweight and fighting with my weight my whole life, trying one fad thing after another , all with no
significant lasting results.
One day as I was having my nails done at The Firm I decided to join and give their programme a try. What to lose except maybe
some weight. Well the rest is history.
I signed up that day and started on the Monday of the following week.
The support I got from all the ladies at The Firm was amazing. They encouraged me all the way.
All I have to say is a big THANK YOU.
I am now on my way to visit my children in the UK and it is going to be great to be able to wrap the aeroplane seat belt
around me with ease for a change.
I look forward to seeing the look on their faces when they see the new and improved me.


18.6Kgs 243Cms 10Months

My body shape has always been curvy but after spending the last 4 years either being pregnant or breastfeeding it was time to get my body back. I joined The firm after my second child. I started the Firm programme but unfortunately shortly after, Covid hit and between the home cooking, baking the obligatory banana breadand 2 kids under 3 things were not great.
By the time I could restart at the firm I was worse off than when I first started. I weighed in at app 90kg.
I started seeing results immediately, my muscles were firming up and I had loads of energy. It was a liberating feeling.
Apart from the weight loss which was awesome, the fact that I could have 45mins to myself twice a week at the clinic being pampered and doing something for myself did wonders for my mental attitude which up to this point had been quite negative regarding weight loss, having tried several other methods over the years.
There have been bumps in the road, losing my job, juggling kids, in and out of lockdowns but I put my head down, stayed focused
and am proud to say I achieved what I set out to do. I am immensely proud of myself as I now weigh less than I did at my wedding
and the overall feeling of wellbeing is addictive. I feel lean, strong and healthy and cant get enough of this good feeling.
This is a continuos journey and am ever thankful to The Firm for giving me a platform to achieve my weightloss . The kindness and support I receive from the team at The Firm Hillcrest is amazing.



20.1Kgs 120Cms 5Months

There comes a time in your life when you look at yourself and realise that you need to do something about your weight.
My best friend, who was 8 years younger than me had cellulitis and eventually died of a heart attack. Her husband begged me to take better care of myself and this was my wake up call.
My daughter encouraged me to join The Firm Durban North and so started my weight loss journey.
It was not easy during covid because all I had for comfort was food.
I did not set a goal weight because everything I had tried before The Firm failed, be it weight loss teas, tablets and
numerous diets. I did not have much faith in myself.
After covid when I eventually joined and was determined to lose the weight it was very rewarding when everyone started noticing. My grandchildren even criticised me for not being so soft and cuddly anymore.
The more weight I lost I even started using my exercise bike and eventually even gave up smoking.

I am extremely proud of myself. My determination and continually seeing results kept me going. The encouragement I needed came from my daughter and the wonderful staff at the clinic.
I am now healthy and look and feel younger than my 70 years. Thank you to The Firm



21.5 kgs 165cms 6months

I have tried everything to lose weight.  Personal Trainers, nutritionists and hundreds of diets and different forms of exercise.

Nothing worked and the Kilos just kept piling on.

My mother saw an ad for THE FIRM  in our local shopping centre and came home and suggested I enquire.  The rest is History.

The owner  and her staff were so helpful and supportive.   Once I was given my eating plan and started my sessions on their machines  I never looked back.

I followed the eating plan and never missed my allocated sessions at the clinic each week and the weight and centimetres kept coming off.

I am an actress and judged on my appearance so was feeling very self conscious about my body, and that was affecting my auditions.

I am back now to my happy confidence self.   A big thank you to The Firm for their help and encouragement on my journey.

I am now camera ready.   “LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!”